Course Info

Frostbite 50 Course info

Schedule of Events

  • Tuesday, Feb 28 – Early Bird Registration ends
  • FIRST PRICE INCREASE: Wednesday March 1 - March 10
  • SECOND PRICE INCREASE: March 11 - March 12
  • Sunday, Mar 12 midnight – Registration closes
  • Thursday , March 16 (4-6:00 PM) – bib pickup at Overlander Sports. 
  • Friday, March 17 (6PM - 730PM) - Mandatory Pre-race briefing at the YK Ski Club
  • Friday March 17 7:30pm Volunteer and checkpoint host briefing at YK Ski Club (after racer briefing) 
  • Sat, Mar 18 
    • 8:00 - 8:30 am – Race check-in at Ski Club
    • 9:00 am – Race start, all categories!
    • 7:00 pm  – Course closes / cutoff, all participants must be complete by this time


Bib numbers will be provided to all participants, and we will be recording times at all checkpoints. Remember to make sure that checkpoint staff get your bib number, both for safety and timing reasons. If they don’t get your bib number, we may send search and rescue staff to look for you.

Playing Safe

We will be be tracking the event, collecting times and bib numbers, and ensuring the trail is well marked and safe.

All racers must check in at Yellowknife Ski Club before 8:30 am on the day of the event. All racers must stop at each check point and register their bib number with the Checkpoint Managers. Failure to do so may result in your footing the bill for an expensive search and rescue effort. Checkpoints will supply water for racers. Additional goodies may be supplied by CP managers if they choose.

The Start

The Yellowknife Ski Club is a co-sponsor of the Frostbite 50. They have provided their Chalet for the event. This provides a heated building with parking, washrooms, waxing facilities, a starting stadium, and water. The event will start and finish at the Chalet. You may leave personal belongings at the building. If they need to be secured, please speak to one of our volunteers. Currently, we plan to have coffee and muffins available prior to the event start, and snacks ready for you on your return. There will be a mandatory briefing at the Ski Club on Friday, March 18, and check-in on Saturday starting at 08:00 am. The mass start for all participants (ski and foot) will be at 9:00 am. All participants must complete the course by 19:00. Please Note: Race day schedule may be subject to change due to Covid Protocols. 

The Route

The event route is approximately 50 km. The event will start and finish at the Yellowknife Ski Club. From the Ski Club trails, it will follow ungroomed snowmachine trails to Yellowknife Bay, Walsh Lake, Prosperous Lake, Hay Lake, back to Yellowknife Bay, and back to the Ski Club trails. You may do the event solo, or in a relay team of up to five participants.

The course will be marked with branches in the snow. Race staff will make every effort to keep the course markers visible and in place, however it is possible that markers may be taken, buried, blown over, covered or otherwise made difficult or impossible to find. It is the responsibility of the competitors to pay attention to the markings and to make intelligent decisions when following the course.


For the safety of our participants and volunteers, we will be instituting cut-off times. The cut-off times will allow 10 hours to complete the event, or an average speed of about 4.5 kmph . The checkpoints, approximate distances and cut-off times are listed below (distances are approximate).
There are four road-accessible checkpoints, and participants are welcome to have support along the way. Checkpoints will have water and a heated tent to warm up in. Some checkpoint managers may supply goodies but don't rely on this.


START - Yellowknife Ski Club Chalet - 9:00

  • Check-in 8:00 - 8:30. Start time is 9:00 for all categories.

CP #1 - Walsh Lake checkpoint - 14.6 km

  •    Opens at 9:15, cut-off at 11:30, closes at 12:00

CP #2 - Prosperous Lake checkpoint - 8.1 km (22.7 km cumulative)

  •    Opens at 10:00, cut-off at 1:30, closes at 2:00

CP #3 - Cassidy Point checkpoint - 7.3 km (31.0 km cumulative)

  •    Opens at 10:15, cut-off at 3:15, closes at 3:45

CP #4 - Detah Rd checkpoint - 11.0 km (42 km cumulative)

  • Opens at noon , cut-off at 5:45, closes at 6:15

Finish! - YK Ski Club finish - 8 km (50km cumulative)

  • Finish at Yellowknife Ski Club Chalet
  • Opens at 12:00, cut-off 7:00 pm
  • Participants are encouraged to stay (or come back) to cheer on the last finishers! Chili will be served at the ski club chalet. 

Course Map

Frostbite 50 Course Map
Frostbite 50 Course Map

Driving directions

There are four road-accessible checkpoints for participants, relay exchanges, and supporters.
The estimated driving times below assume good driving conditions. Allow extra time if conditions are not optimal.

CP #1 - Walsh Lake checkpoint

  • 18 km drive from Ski Club (20 minutes)
  • Drive 5.5 km down the Ingraham Trail
  • Turn left at the signed turnoff for Vee Lake
  • Drive 5.1 km on the Vee Lk road to the start of the ice road
  • Continue on the ice road for approximately 4.5 km
  • Turn right and continue approximately .75 km to the E shore of the lake

CP #2 - Prosperous Lake checkpoint

  • New for 2020 - the ice road is less maintained than in previous years, drive slowly and cautiously
  • 28.5 km drive from Ski Club (36 minutes)
  • Follow directions below to Cassidy Point Checkpoint
  • Zero odometer at Cassidy Point checkpoint
  • Follow ice road North from Cassidy Point checkpoint
  • Veer left (still North) after 1 km onto main trunk road
  • Follow trunk road North for another 6.7 km (7.7 km total from Cassidy)
  • Turn left (NW) onto branch road. Checkpoint is on left after 800 meters.

CP #3 - Cassidy Point checkpoint

  • 21 km drive from Ski Club (21 minutes)
  • Drive 17.3 km down the Ingraham Trail
  • Turn left at the signed Cassidy Point turnoff
  • Continue 2 km to the boat launch

CP #4 - Detah Rd checkpoint

  • 14 km drive from Ski Club (15 minutes)
  • Drive 10.5 km down the Ingraham Trail
  • Turn right onto Detah Rd
  • Continue approximately 1 km

Checkpoint Coordinates (Approximate)

Checkpoint Lat/Long UTM
CP #1 Walsh Lake N62.56267 W114.28918 11 V 639330 6939790
CP #2 Prosperous Lake N62.61624 W114.20377 11 V 643460 6945942
CP #3 Cassidy Point N62.54292 W114.18749 11 V 644650 6937816
CP #4 Detah Road N62.49708 W114.28713 11 V 639742 6932493