Frostbite 50 - Saturday, March 07, 2020

Note: new start and cutoff times due to extreme weather

Start time has been delayed by 1 hour to 10 am due to the extreme cold.
See Course Info for more detail.

Checkpoint 1 & 2 cutoff times have been extended by 1 hour.
Checkpoint 3 cutoff time has been extended by 30 minutes.
Checkpoint 4 cutoff time remains the same.

Relay team members may start their leg at the cutoff time even if their partner has not yet arrived at the checkpoint. Be sure to let the Checkpoint Manager know your number and when you are starting (and when you are finished your leg).

Start / Finish at Yellowknife Ski Club

Ski or snowshoe run a well marked 50k course in the stark beauty of the sub-arctic landscape surrounding Yellowknife, NWT. Bundle up, the event is credited as one of the coldest runs in Canada by Canadian Running Magazine!

What makes us different?

We embrace winter! And we would like to help you make the most of this winter with the Frostbite 50.

The Frostbite 50 is a 50 km continuous snowshoe or classic ski event on ungroomed trails near Yellowknife, NWT. Participate solo or as a team of up to five participants. There are four road-accessible checkpoints, and participants are welcome to have support along the way.

This is an event, not a race, and there are no prizes for first place. We want winter lovers of all abilities to join us, and for everyone to have fun and finish safely.

Happy Trails!